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How To Rotate Your Windows PC Screen?

Are you stuck in sideways or upside down display in your Windows system? The reason behind this issue is that by mistake you may have hit on the wrong keyboard button or have tried to make some changes in the display setting. There is nothing to worry about it. This problem can be fixed within a few minutes only.

Solution 1 – Use Keyboard Shortcuts

From a long time, the given keyboard shortcuts used to rotate the screen display fully. It is worth noting that these will not be present on all systems.  The reason can be any, like the type of software your PC is using.

The frequently used keyboard shortcut to rotate your screen are given below-

Control+Alt+The arrow pointing upwards
Control+Alt+ The arrow pointing downwards
Control+Alt+ The arrow pointing leftwards
Control+Alt+ The arrow pointing rightwards
When continuously pressing these combinations is not making any difference, do follow the steps as given under-

Firstly, do a right click on the available area of your main display,
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How to Select All Files and Folders

When you are working on the Windows PC, Mac, or Android, then you can select all files and folder so that you can copy, move or delete them by clicking at once. The given sections will help you use different methods for selecting all files and folder.

Steps for Selecting All Files and Folders on Windows PC

•    You have to use computer keyboard shortcut keys.

•    After that, you need to use Windows Explorer to select all files and folders.

•    You have to use the context menu.

Steps for Selecting All Files and Folders on Mac

•    On Mac, you need to start using the computer keyboard shortcut keys.

•    After that, press on the Edit tab given in the Safari browser.

Steps for Selecting All Files and Folders on iPhone

•    Go to the Notes application installed on the iPhone. On the iPhone display, start using the “Select All” option given in the Settings application.

•    Press on the webpage. It will move the mouse pointer on the webpage.

•    Click and keep pressing on any text give…

How to Add Subtitles to Netflix Movies or TV Series

Whether you are playing a TV series or movie in your native language or not, subtitles are a convenient way to understand the content. By adding subtitles to your TV series or movies, you can’t miss an essential part of the dialogue. It is a great idea to add subtitles to your movie or TV series, but how can you do that? Follow the instructions mentioned below to do so.

Steps to Add Subtitle to a Movie or TV Series on Amazon Fire Stick

If you want to enable or disable the subtitles on your Amazon Fire Stick, then follow the steps mentioned below:

• Open the Netflix application.

• Choose a movie or TV series which you wish to watch.

• Start playing a movie and TV series.

• Click on the Downward arrow option given on the Firestick remote control after playing a movie or TV series.

• Go above the Dialog symbol.

• Verify the option you have chosen.

• Now, you can select the subtitle.

• Also, select the audio configuration as per your choice.

Steps to Add Subtitle to a Movie…

Why Should You Get an Amazon Echo for Your Grandparents

Alexa can prove to be one of your best friends. It is an excellent companion for almost everyone. You must have seen your grandparents struggling with many things. Give them an Amazon Echo so that they can cope well with daily situations. It will remind them everything from taking the medication to measuring the blood pressure.

 It can even tell stories. They can get weather updates as well before stepping out of the home. Alexa is a built-in assistant of Amazon Echo. It reduces the load of everyday tasks. They can get their jobs done without so much physical labor.

Tips to Use Amazon Echo to Make the Life Easy

Personal butler
It is a fantastic tool that can help the users and all another senior relative that are suffering from issues like impaired vision, arthritis, etc. A routine can be created that is known for activating commands series. Users need to say some phrases. You need to buy some other appliances that are compatible with Alexa.

For setting up a routine

Go to the Alexa a…

How to Use SAM to Monitor Your Server and Applications

When the server faces any error because of some reason, then you need to fix it before there is any impact on the system. Nowadays, all the things are done online. If you want to know the step to use SAM to monitor your server and applications, then follow the steps mentioned in this article.

How to install Server and Application Monitor?

● Discover the devices

● Add applications and discovered servers to SAM.

● After executing the installer, you will get the User Account Control menu on the desktop.

● Press on the Yes button.

● You will get the initializing menu on the screen.

● This procedure will get completed in a few seconds.

● Now, you will get the SolarWinds Setup window on the desktop.

● You will get the three options on the screen.

● Choose the Lightweight Installation option.

● Select where you wish to download the program by pressing on the Browse option.

● After completing these steps, press on th…

How to Use Call Forwarding on Verizon

Call forwarding is a convenient option which helps you to forward calls to any other number. It is not compulsory to forward all the calls. Rather than, you can forward calls while you are on the call.
A great feature of Verizon is that you can easily activate and deactivate the call forwarding feature anytime by following different ways. You need to do this procedure with your smartphone in case you have the prepaid account. On this article, you will get to know the steps to use call forwarding on Verizon on your smartphone.
Steps  to enable call forwarding on Verizon using a smartphone
•        Click on the Phone application.
•        Use the dial pad, enter "*72" come after by the ten-digit number which you wish to forward calls to.
•        In case you wish the phone calls to use call forwarding in case you are not giving any response, then enter "71."
•        Click on the call option.
•        Wait till you get the text which verifies that the call forwardin…

Paint Pop 3D: 6 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete All Levels

Paint Pop 3D is an addictive arcade game that has over a thousand levels. This game needs players to spray paint all over the wheels. Love it or hate it; this game is entertaining and challenging. Here are some tips and tricks to help you complete all levels of Paint Pop 3D.

6 Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Complete All Paint Pop 3D Levels

Time well
One of the main qualities you should possess to master the game is patience. If you get anxious or want to rush things without having a concrete plan, then you are bound to lose. To master Pain Pop 3D, you need to be careful, calculative, and patient.

Make sure your shots are timed well, and it will allow you to shoot the spinning wheels and coat them with paint directly.  Do not get carried away while playing the game. When you reach a new level, take your time in getting acquainted with it. Observe the surroundings and plan ahead.

Pause between shots
As the pattern of the rotation is blades is not always regular, you should not be car…