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How to Delete Siri Search History on Your Apple iPhone

Who doesn’t love Siri voice assistant feature on their iPhone? If you know what Apple is currently doing with Siri searches and recordings, then you might want to delete all of your histories. If you are the person who is conscious about privacy, then you should just delete all searches from your device. Let’s see how to delete Siri searches. How to Delete Siri Searches Without Disabling Siri? If you love using Siri and do not want to leave it in any condition, then this method is only for you. It will allow you to wipe out your history without even affecting the Siri feature on your device. First of all, close the Safari browser entirely even from the background. Then, go to the Settings on your iOS device. After that, move down to the bottom in the settings. Tap Safari. There you have to click on the Clear History. How to Remove Siri Voice Search History Forever? If you want to truly delete everything that Siri has fetched before, then this step is only for you. This me
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How to Check Hard Drive on Windows 10

Mostly the consumers have the PC or the laptop, but they don’t know anything about the storage device they have. For instance, the SSD makes a great difference in the performance in comparison to HDD. You can check identified by several methods. If you need to check and to get the idea about it, then this post might be useful for you. Read through the blog and follow the instructions to check the Hard drive you use on your system. How to Check the Hard Drive There are several ways to know what hard drive you are using inbuilt solutions and free software apps. Use the Device Manager Use the MSInfo32 Tool Use of PowerShell Use the third-party tool Net every tool can show the RPM or Media type of HD. Most of them get model numbers, whereas others may show only the RPM. Be sure that the Solid State Drive must not have the RPM; there will be no spinning platters like HDD. Via Device Manager As the Device Manager does not show RPM or the Disk type directly, it may have another

How to Access and Use Split View in Safari of an iPad

iPad includes a split view feature that lets you open and use two apps side by side on your iPad’s screen. However, the functions may not work with all the apps, but you can definitely take advantage of it in your browsing. That means you can open and work on two websites at a time on your iPad screen with Safari’s split view. For instance, if you want to view your email while chatting or doing anything else, then with the split-view feature, you can do this easily. The split view in Safari is not available in all iPad models or iOS version. Here is how to access and use the split view in Safari of an iPad. Note:  Split view in Safari works only in landscape mode. How to access split view in your Safari browser It’s easy to open Safari’s two tabs or windows on your iPad screen at a time. You don’t need to do any extra settings for this. The option for opening Split View is given directly in the browser. Here are the steps to get it. Make sure your iPad is not in the portrait

How to Reset a Forgotten Apple ID (iTunes, iCloud and Apple Store)

Whenever you want to download any application on your device, you need to fill in the password. When you log in to your iCloud in a new device or download anything, then you need your Apple Password. It would help if you also had an Apple Password when you are downloading any application from the App Store. If you don’t remember your password, then you can set your Password using reset password option on iPhone and macOS via Apple official website If you do not remember your Apple ID, you can also recover your Apple ID. Here is how: 1) How to Reset iCloud Password With Email Security If you have not enabled two-factor authentication for Apple ID, then you need to use your email address to recover your password. Here are the steps on how to reset iCloud Password:- Visit in a web browser. Type your Apple ID email detail. Tap Continue. Choose I need to reset my password. Tap continue. Choose Answer security questions or get an email. Whe

How to Change Windows Live Mail Language on Windows?

Windows Live Mail might seem like old news to many users since they have shifted to third-party tools. However, the same is not valid for everyone. Windows Live Mail is among the handiest tools you can use in Windows OS, and it even lets you change the language according to your preferences. If you wish to change your language on Windows Live Mail, then read through the blog. So, here are the steps to modify the Windows Live Mail language on Windows. Modify the Language of Windows Live Mail  In case the user wishes to modify the language of Windows Live Mail, then they can pursue the mentioned instructions. Hold the Win + R keys altogether on your keyboard to launch the Run dialogue box. After that, enter ‘langselector.exe’ into it and click on the OK button. It will launch the language settings for Windows Essentials. Go to Windows Essential Language setting screen. Then select the drop-down section. You should find and select the preferred language from the languages lis

How To Delete Pictures From iPhone?

Deleting pictures from the iPhone is a good method of clearing the space. The Photos application makes it simple to remove plenty of pictures at once. Go through this blog to know the method of deleting pictures from your iPhone. The method of removing plenty of pictures from the iPhone Firstly, go to the Photos application. Then, visit the Albums option. After that, choose All Photos. Next, choose Select. It will be present in the right-hand side corner. Note that you can click on single pictures for selecting them one by one. For choosing many pictures altogether, swipe the finger across rows of pictures you wish to remove. Ensure that you swipe horizontally first. Then, you shall be able to swipe vertically without scrolling. Chosen pictures shall show tick on them. For deselecting pictures, just click on the picture. Next, tap on the trash symbol. It will be located at the end right-hand side corner. A pop-up shall tell you to give confirmation that you wish to remove

How to Set Up and Optimize A Wireless Router

Setting up and optimizing your wireless router could prove to be a very demanding task. The good news for you is that now companies have made the job easier for you. Most of the upcoming routers now have named labeling to make the task easier for you. Some manufacturers go a little further and put color codes on the parts for you. They already come with a coded configuration and an app-based setup. However, all this does not assure a smooth run for the network. It also does not mean that your network security is safe. Here are some of the steps for you to follow so that you would be able to run the router smoothly. Tips to Set Up and Optimize Your Wireless Router The first step for you to follow is to get the right model. If your router only supports security through Wireless Equivalent Privacy, then your model is not entirely secure. If you are using a router that is provided by a huge Internet Service Provider, then it will create problems for you. It may cost you extra mone